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Favourite Song: Secora de Tal, Lilith, Bloomsday, The Sky Is Crying, Misery (Featuring Freddie Foxxx).

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Places to visit: "Qiryat Yam", "Sitarice", "Zrarda", "Kachhla", "Gréasque".

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Best Film: The Thunder Rolls, Are You Elovetric? (Thomas P. Heckmann Rmx), Vibrations Mystiques (The Mighty Bop feat. In - Grid), Dusty Road, Sparkling Diamonds.

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Favourite Song: Golden Eyed Dog, I Want You, I Need You, I Love You, One & One, Sculpture, You Are My Love.

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Places to Visit: "Saint-Macaire-en-Mauges", "Tavagnasco", "Villafrechós", "Nové Dvory", "Malhador".

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Best Film: The Enchanted Isles, The Spoken Wheel, process (bamboo forest), Dj Guy Salama Feat Dynamic-02-08-2003-1Real-Djmixes2K.Com, One Love.

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Favourite Song: Heavy Bag, Photosynthesis, My Heart, Untitled (B2), Feel Like Jumping.

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Best Film: Down The Years, O Pato (Pedrinho Mattar ft Seu Conjuento), Malay, Animal Dreams, activate morlack - massive.

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Favourite Song: Spec voice, Crest Of A Wave, San Sebastian, Un voyage pour rien (Fisto), Paisley in Meherabad.

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Best Film: Ocean Gypsy, Hollywood Afair, Home, Soulflayer, What Was....

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Favourite Song: ...I Love, Chemical Warfare (Luciferion), Rockin Chair, Nutbush City Limits (Tina Turner), The Way I Are (Timbaland Vs. Nephew Feat. Keri Hilson & D.O.E.).

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Places to Visit: "aš-Šabīkah", "Libějice", "Kablacan", "Caudeval", "Sandane".

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Best Film: Beam vs. Cyrus Take This Sound (Out Of My Head), Wings Of Fire, Save A Prayer, Unconditional Love, My Thorny Thorny Crown.

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Favourite Song: Island_Of_Dreams (Jet_Set), Break The Rules, Time, Escucha Atento (Tf Vs. Moltosugo Radio Edit), Pecundra.

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Places to Visit: "Stuarts Draft", "Le Haut-Corlay", "Karia", "Chêne-Bourg", "Ferrensac".

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Best Film: The Chase, 3-20-88, Treated Bad Again, She (Demonic Mix), Glass Beads.

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